Inspiration for a design scheme can come from many sources.  It can start with a photograph, sketch, a quote from a song, a heirloom, etc,. How one sees and interprets a source of inspiration is unique to them. The below collection of fabrics and colours started with the cover of the novel "When the doves disappeared" by Sofi Oksanen. 

The sepia tones, vintage browns are balanced by a deep plum/black. The abstract floral pattern with a refined tweed are offset by a modern geometric fabric.  


A.graphic design inspiration – by Rebecca Chew

B.”When the does disappeared” by Sofi Oksanen

C.Leather fabric – Napoli, Cashew by Edelman

D.Hex fabric – Maxwell Street by Carnegie

E.Abstract floral fabric – flowers of paradise by Chivasso

F.Refined tweed fabric – Chelsea by Carnegie

G.Light check drapery fabric – Tulla sheer by Jab

H.Brilliant by Little Greene Paint

I.All White by Farrow & Ball

J.Drop cloth by Farrow & Ball

K.Brinjal by Farrow & Ball